New Mushing Photos, 2011!
What a great year for snow! This year we were joined by our friend's Mick, Wanda and thier kids. They came all the way from Australia just to much with us that day!;

< Over the past few years we have not been on the trail much. We got out to a few races and fun runs, had a couple of Mushing 101 clinics. It feels great to be back on sled again!

Favourite mushing pics
Mushing Photos, in the Cariboo Mountains

Buddy and Ultra              Eden and Trace              King

Alley and Ember leading Marj Browns kids (Fleets Siberians)

King         Ultra and Trace         Demon and Buddy

Polar (beside him is Trace)         Darka and Eden    with Ember peeking out

King, Ember       Eden (and Darka)     Polar and Kevlar

This was taken at the Mali Mush'n Mingle. Beverley is cheering her crew on. Michael is driving my crew.
Alley and Sly     Echo and Jackson (Fleets Sibes)    King and Torch

Suzanne, first time on sled, Sly and Eden in lead with Bev's Demon and Joli at wheel.

Kevlar and Sly        Eden and Darka         Alley and Ember

Alley    King    Torch

December 2007


Our crew at the Mush'n Mingle-07.
There was about 20 teams. We did really well with a number of our dogs qualifying for CKC Sled Title miles.

Sly    Kevlar    Floyd   Feebee   King

Floyd   Feebee   King   Darka   Torch

Floyd   Feebee

Polar  Darka  Kevlar  Eden




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