Arcticsun's Hugo Boss

Playing "Shasta" in the Movie "Snow Buddies"


When we were asked if Disney could use our dogs for another movie we were thrilled. We were asked for two puppies to play the hero husky puppy in the new Disney film "Snow Buddies". We were, of course, quite proud. Thus Hugo and Roadie's son (Tux), who were the right age (8 weeks), the right colour (black with blue eyes), and the right look at the right time, were given the green light. The amazing thing is that we very rarely get blue eyes, and here we were, with two!
So Hugo and Tux went to Vancouver, and following in their famous father's footsteps, they started their movie careers!

Here is our latest star, Hugo!

A multifaceted dog of.....

Striking Beauty...

Noble Bearing...

Athletic Prowess...

 and Intelectual Opinions...



Hugo on the set of Snow Buddies

Hugo with his trainer and best-est buddy


Then...                                 and Now!



Sadly we have had trouble with other kennels stealing our photos and pretending they are their own, making claims that our dogs belong to them, that the photos are of their dogs and to have had dogs from the movies, etc. If you see any of these photos on any other website, in an email or in the "photo album" they show you at their house, then please let us know!
If you have any questions about who the dogs in the films really were I would be happy to help you. 
By the way, almost all of the dogs in the films were SPAYED or NEUTERED before filming started, so the likelyhood of one of them being the parent or grandparent of one of the dogs from Snow Dogs, Eight Below, Snow Buddies is very small, LOL!


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