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Height: Male: 24 1/2" + inches at the shoulder Female: 23'+ inches" at the shoulder
Male: The range is 55-100 lbs (27-48 kg), but closer to 70 lbs when in working condition.
Female: The range is 50-80 lbs (28-29Kg), but closer to 60 lbs when in working condition.

Coat Type: It's longer outer coat, curved tail, and dense undercoat allow it to work in the world's harshest and coldest environments. The coat may be 2 inches to 4 inches long on the body. It should be thick with a harsher outer coat and soft under coat.
Coat Colour: Any colour or combination of colours are permitted. The most common are black, white, red, gray, silver, and cinnamon (lighter red) generally with white or cream on the legs, feet, belly, throat and muzzle
Eye Colour: Eyes can be any colour. The most common are dark brown, black and yellow.
Temperament: The Greenland Dog requires firm training, and it is essential for this breed as they are very determined. They have a hard-earned instinct for survival. They may be aloof and warry of strangers but should not show timidness or sharpness.
The head should be broad and wedge shaped. The muzzle is tapered and medium length. Eyes are small, not too closely spaced and place obliquely in the head. The EARS are short, thick and have a slightly rounded end. They are carried erect, turned forward and are covered with dense short hair.
The TAIL is large and bushy and generally carried up or curled over the back. Mature Bitches may on occasion carry their tail down.
Correct Angulations The HIPS on the Greenland dog appear as pronounced and bony as the spine, and are about the same height as the withers. the legs will be very muscular with the thigh being carried well down towards the hock. The STIFLES are well bent.
The Hind feet are similar in design to the front but slightly longer. From the rear the legs will appear straight with the HOCKS turning neither in or out.
Disqualifications: Floppy ear, the exception being battle torn ears; clipping or altering the coat by sissoring; excessive undershot or overshot jaw , missing or undecended testicles in the male.