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A Simple Comparison of Typical "Show" and
"Speed Racing Seppala" Style Siberian Huskies


I dashed outside to get a couple of shots in the fading light and realized, that my photos would not be the best for showing some of the extremes present in the speed racing Seppala line, because I don't really have those extremes at my house!

Well this is a one in a million shot!
 The two boys, both big busy-bodies, walked up to see what I was doing.
Torch (red pinto) and Sly, a Seppala, are almost the exact same age.

Ok, so maybe two in a million....



Original Seppala Siberian Husky

Leonard Seppala and Harry Wheeler showing off their dogs.
The very attractive Kree Vanka is on the far right.
Moderate in just about every way, but still with cold weather coats, smaller ears, moderate chests (not narrow).

This is Seppala with some of his dogs.
Note the heavier coats and moderate+ bone, small ears.

Balto and another leader.
These dogs are not narrow and carry a fair bit of coat and have good bone.


Balto's head.

I think his head is "showy"



Modern Contemporary Seppala Siberian Husky

Sly is racing weight in this photo and it is taken from slightly above the dogs level.
Note the well angled and long croup,
Shorter coat and large ears.

Sly is NOT the most extreme looking Seppala I have ever seen but he does show the shorter coat, large tall ear, moderate angles
 (although he looks a little straighter in the rear here than he really is)


Ember showing off her ears.


Flower, long legs, short coat

The female (whom I adore) on the left is the mother of the male on the right.
These two are considered to have too heavy a coat for speed racing.



Note the large ears and short coat.


Contemporary Elite Speed Racing Seppalas

Well I cant just begin pulling photos off other peoples websites....
So I cant really show you the top elite Seppala racers and what they look like.

But Eden is sort of "extreme"

Eden, Sly's sister, shows the "extreme" better. And how to properly explode dog fur all over the kennel.
Long legs, large ear, cant look at coat though right now, but it is short.
This girl is FAST!

All this being said there are a lot of Seppalas in the "moderate but still racy looking" category.
And there are Seppalas that would do well in the ring.



I just had to throw in this photo, I love it!
This shows some of the older colours, but I think that each of these dogs
could walk in the ring right now and, other than their colours, they would fit right in.