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Puppy Sale Contract

This guarantees that at the time of sale the puppy appears to be in good health, does not have any known hereditary defects and is free of parasites to the best of the breeder and or sellers knowledge, and that the parents of said puppy are of the same condition.  This puppy is phonotypical to the breed and shows normal or expected breed traits, temperament and behavior. The puppy is being sold NON-BREEDING, as a pet. The purchaser is strongly encouraged to have the puppy spayed/neutered after the age of 4 months and before the age of 8 months. At the time of sale this puppy will have received vaccinations and will have received deworming treatment. If the puppy is CKC registered then non breeding/limited registration papers for the puppy will be supplied after proof of spay. CKC non breeding forms must besigned by the buyer before the puppy leaves for home. Please note that in accordance with the CKC regulations, each part of the paperwork can take up to 6 months AFTER PAYMENT IN FULL AND FULFILLMENT OF CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATION to process. The animal is not considered "purchased" until all stipulations are fulfilled entirely and the puppy is paid for in full, with all checks cleared by the bank.

The general health of the puppy is guaranteed for 72 hours from delivery/pick up. This means that should the puppy be found to be ill from a condition (other than stress diareah, diareah associated with food/water changes, injuries occurring after the puppy has left the breeder/seller's posession, that was present before delivery or pick up, the breeder will refund part or all of reasonable veterinary care used to treat this ailment. This also excludes worm/coccidia/guiardia issues. The amount of the refund is at the breeder and or sellers discretion. The amount shall NOT exceed the purchase price of the puppy and will cover reasonbable costs/fees. Excessive costs or fees will not be covered. Excessive fees are those in excess of what we would be carged at our own vet. In the case of the puppy having health insurance, then the amount refunded will take into account the coverage already paid from the insurance. Any refund will be based upon the official veterinary receipt records and any insurance payments. The breeder/seller will NOT cover excessive fees/expenses brought on by excessive or unnecessary veterinary services.

Informing the breeder/seller as quickly as possible is important. If possible please contact while you are at the vet clinic. A copy of the official receipt must be sent to the breeder and or seller with in 5 business days of veterinary treatment. The breeder and or seller must be directly notified of diagnosis with in 72 hours of examination by phone, fax, letter or 3 e-mails (not all sent at the same time) and given details as to the condition and the veterinary clinic (including phone number)  treating the animal. The purchaser must inform the attending vet that the breeder is to be privy to all aspects of the puppy's health and treatment.  Should the condition be found to seriously decrease the animals quality of life or be fatal, the breeder and or seller may agree to replace the puppy with another puppy of equal or better quality/value (breeder and or sellers evaluation). The purchaser may choose to keep the original puppy (Proof of spay/neuter must be supplied from the vet) or return the puppy. Shipping for the replacement puppy will be paid by the purchaser. Shipping for a returned puppy will be paid for by the purchaser.

The puppy is believed to be free of the following genetic conditions at the time of sale:
-Vom Willebrands (Hemophilia), Addison's Disease, Diabetes, Juvenile Cataracts, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, hypo thyroidism, hyper thyroidism, luxating platellas, hip dysplasia, serious heart defects. Should the puppy be diagnosed as affected by a veterinarian before the age of 2 years, the breeder is to be directly notified in writing by phone, fax, letter or 3 e-mails (not all sent at exact same time), with in 7 business days. The breeder will then opt to either refund part or all of the purchase price of the puppy or replace the puppy (proof of spay/neuter or death of the affected puppy required prior) with a puppy of equal or better quality (breeder and or sellers evaluation). The replacement option is dependent upon the wishes of the purchaser.

Every reasonable effort must be made to contact the breeder and or seller with in the time frames described. This is why 3 e-mails, sent no closer than one per day will be accepted as a reasonable attempt to contact. Please note that the breeder and or seller may be away for periods of time, and full e-mail accounts may not accept new e-mails. The purchaser must allow that the breeder and or seller may not receive notice for reasons beyond the breeder and or sellers control. The breeder and or seller can not be held at fault if reasonable effort to contact and fully disclose the situation is not made by the purchaser. The breeder and or seller does hereby agree to return the contact as soon as reasonably possible. Refund of monies and or availability of replacement puppy will be within a reasonable time frame defined as up to 3 months from official received notice for any monetary refund and up to 12 months for a replacement puppy. Please note that with replacement puppies the breeder cannot guarantee that a female dog will deliver a healthy and suitable litter at any specific time. For this reason there is the 12 month long time frame and reasonable allowances must be made.

As this puppy is being sold non breeding, should this puppy at any age produce any offspring then all health guarantees are null and void. In this case the breeder and or seller reserves the right to take back the puppy at the expense of the purchaser including the puppy's paperwork and any resultant offspring. Should the purchaser not spay/neuter, they may request  the breeder and or seller to lift the non breeding ban and grant breeding rights to the purchaser. The breeder and or seller reserves the right not lift or not  lift the breeding ban and reserves the right to demand the animal be tested for hip, eye, thyroid and hemophilic genetic conditions. A fee, puppy back, stud service or other consideration may be required from the purchaser at the breeder and or sellers discretion. Should the purchaser not agree to the conditions of release than the breeder and or seller does not have to lift the ban.

The Purchaser:
The purchaser must take every reasonable effort to keep the puppy in a safe and suitable environment, to protect the puppy from contact with other animals and environments that may carry disease for a minimum of 1 week form pick up or delivery. This includes veterinary clinic floors and patrons, pet store floors and patrons, strangers, other dogs, off leash parks, training centers, grooming parlors, dog shows and other such situations. Puppies may pick up diseases and parasites from these situations. The purchaser is responsible to maintain the dogs health and physical well being, including grooming, socialization and training.

Should the purchaser become unable or unwilling to keep this puppy, at any age, for whatever reason, the animal is to be returned to the breeder and or purchaser with its paperwork and any pertinent information and veterinary record at the purchasers expense. This puppy may not be bred, leased, loaned, given away, sold, taken to a shelter or pound or any other similar method of disposal with out the express written permission of the breeder and or seller. The breeder and or seller recognizes that changes in life and or situation may make it necessary for the animal to be temporarily or permanently re-homed and will be reasonable about such situations. An acceptable situation where the breeder would agree to re-homing would be for example: the animal does not live with the purchaser but remains within the family. Should the animal not be able to be transported the breeder and or seller will make every reasonable effort to assist with the re-homing and or the locating of a rescue/assistance group or individual.

The breeder and or seller has a life long vested interest in the well being of this animal. If the purchaser has any questions they should feel free to contact the breeder and or seller at any time. Updates are appreciated.